JLK Students attend the Karate USA National Championships!

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Our JLK Team did very well at the USA National Championships and Team Trials

in Greenville, South Carolina.

This was easily the Biggest Tournament we have ever been to, with over 1,900 competitors!

Each division had 25 -35 competitors. Not an easy task to be in the final Four. Some of us made and and some did not. The overall experience and the training prior made it all worth while…

JLK Results

Charity Batson: 3 Medals!

Adult Beginner
2nd kumite, 3rd kata, 1st weapons
(With a broken foot)

Christopher Batson: 2 Medals!

9yr Novice
3rd weapons, 3rd fighting

Brit Bradshaw:

8 yr Novice
Britt won 3 fights, lost 2.

Was not enough to place top 4 with 30 + kids in his division.

Joseph Lee :

13 yr Elite / advanced

Worked very hard training 5 hrs a day for 6 weeks.

Did not place but fought strong!

Congratulations to Charity and Christopher Batson for both winning Medals!

They both trained everyday leading up to this event and it showed! AWESOME JOB!

Britt was amazing! He won some fights and with such a huge division of 30 or more it just was not enough to make the podium. GREAT JOB BRITT!

JOE LEE the only advanced rank (Youth Black Belt) from JLK to compete had an amazing experience trying out for the US National Team for the first time.

The road and journey to this level has been amazing! Thank all of you who posted such motivational comments and encouragement for him. He read each one. A very Humble sincere thank you to a few of the most respected martial arts masters and teams that took the time to take Joe under your wing and share your techniques experience and strategies with him. The experience he gained from those short lessons are a very valuable take away from this whole experience. Thank you sensei Isao Gary Tsutsui, Candice Tsutsui, Colorado Budokan,Randall Sanders, Luke. Adrian Galvan, Jenna Brown, Galvan Texas Team, Alfredo Bustamante Vitaly Okinawa, Alex and Dennis Okinawan Bros, Eddie, Martin, Robert. Coach Vince, Alex. The time you all spent with Joe was very enlightening! Much Respect to all of you from Joe and I and James Lee’s Karate

I have never seen him so focused, determined and motivated to compete ever before. He will only continue to improve and I’m sure we’ll be back again next year!
USA Karate National Team trials

I am super proud of all of our JLK Team that competed at the USANKF Nationals.
They showed so much heart. Win or lose, they represented James Lee’s Karate and James Lee’s Karate-Glenwood VERY WELL!! GO JLK!!



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