JLK Promotes Nine Students to Black Belt!

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James Lee’s Karate Eagle and Glenwood Springs promotes nine to Black Belt!

We had an amazing two day Black Belt test!

We started Friday May 12th 6pm – 9:30pm with our JLK Black Belt testing board and our candidates only. Friday was private training, No spectators were allowed for this portion of the test.

Saturday, Our Candidates arrived at the dojo at 11:30 to get warmed up for a 1:00 start time. That time was eventually pushed back to 2pm due to traveling board member guest delayed travels.

The Test included:


2 hours of Basic kick, punch, block combination of basics performed in the air to demonstrate proper body control and focus. Then with a partner to demonstrate proper distance and timing, and on a kicking shield to demonstrate power. Already tired and somewhat worn out we continued….

One step self defense against a partner to demonstrate a wide variety of proper technique, showing speed, power, timing, distance and control. Every full powered technique must come within one inch of the focused target or vital point. Techniques included kicking, punching, blocking, take downs, foot sweeps, jumping kicks, arm bars, knee lifts elbow strikes all in natural variety.

All Kata (traditional forms, usually 20 – 70 moves each) performed with focus, power, proper body alignment and together in sync.

6 basic kata, 7 advanced kata, 2-4 Black Belt Kata were demonstrated without room for ANY mistakes.

Each candidate must demonstrate bunkai (self-defense application) to two advanced kata including answering questions about all application.

Weapons such as Bo and Sai were demonstrated.

At least one hour of One-on-one continuous sparring, three-on-one multiple sparring was at the end of the day and left no gas in the tank for each of the candidates.  7 hrs since they first arrived today, But they were still not done!

A 17 minute SPIRIT TEST consisting of vigorous constant exercise without rest will complete our JLK Black Belt test.


An interesting concept we applied to this test since the passing of our style head Dr. David Jordan was our invited guest of high ranking Black Belts from many different styles. This will be a change in tradition for us but it went very well and each of our board members are all highly respected in the Martial Arts world. Each of them a close friends of mine and whom I respect deeply as great martial artist. They all voted unanimously the passing and promotions of our newly ranked JLK Black Belts!


Our Honored Guest of Testing board members consisted of…

Cathy Davis: 8th degree Black Belt in Shorin ryu – Albuquerque New Mexico

Isao Gary Tsutsui:  7th Degree Black Belt Shotokan – Golden Colorado

Carl Brittian:  6th Degree Black Belt Ryu Kyu Kempo – Prescott Arizona

Candice Tsutsui:  5th degree Black Belt Shotokan – Golden Colorado

Damon Pace: 3rd degree Black Belt Shito Ryu- Montrose Colorado

Akemi Tsutsui: 2nd Degree Black Belt – Shotokan – Golden Colorado

Time Ward: 1st Degree Black Belt Eagle Colorado

Ric Fields:  1st degree Black Belt -Eagle Colorado

Sara Castillo:  1st degree Black Belt -Eagle Colorado

Matthew Lee:  Junior Black Belt Eagle Colorado

And of course our Chief Instructor and Owner of James Lee’s Karate

James Lee: 5th degree Black Belt -Eagle Colorado

Regretfully one of our honored guest Steve Wilson: 7th Degree Black Belt Goju Ryu from Colorado Springs could not make it due to traffic delays


Our JLK Testing candidates Promoted to Black Belt…

Julie Alt – 4th Degree Black Belt


Paul Witt – 3rd degree Black Belt


Dean Sarver – 2nd Degree Black Belt


Dalton Barthuly – 2nd Degree Black Belt


Amanda Lee – 1st Degree Black Belt


Sebastian Witt – Junior Black Belt


Aiden Silagy – Junior Black Belt


Maylon Mitzel – Junior Black Belt


Joseph Lee – Youth Black Belt


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